Only Child


Limited Edition CD
Autographed by Louis Cortelezzi


Product Description

Only Child by Louis Cortelezzi

Only Child is the first solo release from Louis Cortelezzi and includes 10 vibrant and masterfully recorded songs. Guest musicians include: John Siegler on bass, Frank Vilardi on drums, Sammy Figueroa on percussion; Russ DeSalvo, Larry Salzman and Ira Siegel on guitars; Bill Heller, Irwin Fisch and Robbie Kondor on electric piano, and more! Produced by John Siegler and Louis Cortelezzi, and mixed and mastered by Larry Alexander.

Song List:

1. Bounce
2. Alabama Song
3. Labor Of Love
4. Only Child
5. Summer Song
6. Harlem Nocturne
7. Throwing It All Away
8. Over and Over
9. Just To Walk That Little Girl Home
10. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

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